About SensorBit


Sensorbit Systems is a Texas-based company, incorporated on January 1, 2010. It is developing and commercializing a new vapor sensing technology based on patents from the University of Texas at Austin. This technology is unique among vapor sensing technologies because of its small form factor, low power dissipation, and low manufacturing costs.


In addition to its location at the Austin Incubation Technology Center, Sensorbit also has a design and test facility in Colorado Springs.


Sensorbit Technology can potentially be used for many different applications. The business strategy is to focus on wide-spread high-volume applications where the technology's strengths are best exploited, namely small form factor, low cost, and low power dissipation. As such, Sensorbit is focusing on sensor networks, integration into portable products, and the emerging market of the "Internet of Things," and building appropriate partnerships to enter these new emerging markets.


For more information about the company, please inquire by writing to info@sensorbit.com.


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