Product Information


It is the intention of the company to deploy this technology where the uniquely small form factor and the low power dissipation can be utilized the best. Such solutions include wide-spread applications through small portable self-contained units in the form of badges, buttons, and tags, as well as integrated solutions for cell phones and other portable devices.


Due to the shortcomings of current market technologies, widespread applications for such devices do not yet comprise a substantial existing market. However, the emergence of the "Internet of Things," in which devices sense their environment and communicate with one another, is advancing a variety of application markets for the SensorBit solution. Specific identified markets include outdoor air quality, indoor air quality, forest fire detection, breath analysis, food transportation, and hygiene.


Sensorbit is developing a chip called "Sensor-on-Chip" or SoC. Sensorbit is planning to offer as a product the chip itself, as well as evaluation units and boards that utilize the chip. Importantly, Sensorbit is planning to sell its SoC solution to other companies with needs for customized large-scale implementation of sensor technologies. In this regard, Sensorbit is currently seeking partnerships. If you are interested in exploring such possibilities, please write to info@sensorbit.com.


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